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WhatsApp For iPad Download | How to Use WhatsApp on iPad?

WhatsApp For iPad Download | How to Use WhatsApp on iPad?

In the world of Messaging WhatsApp has set its foot mark in a dominant way. There are millions of people across the globe that are connected with this app and are using it daily. This app provides huge features and functions to its users that why users like this app and by each passing days the popularity is growing. The system is fast smooth and easy to use. The interface of the app is very good and helps new users use this app smoothly. But here we will discuss how you can get the WhatsApp For iPad.

In this context, we will show you how you can get WhatsApp on your iPad. The steps which we will share are very easy and highly trusted. We will show how you can install the app from the app store not only that we will also show the alternative ways to get the app. Many have tried these steps and got satisfactory results. So let’s find out the steps.

Procedure to Download WhatsApp for iPad From App Store:

How to Download WhatsApp for iPad

Listed here are the steps which will help you to download WhatsApp for iPad from the iOS store.

  • To do that first go to connect your device to Wi-Fi and then visit the app store from your iPad.
  • Once you are there type for WhatsApp. Now the app will appear.
  • Click on the app and below it, the install button will appear. Click on that to start the download process.
  • Once the download gets completed the shortcut of the icon will be shown on the home screen.
  • Click on the icon and use as your desire.

So these were the steps which will show you how to get WhatsApp for iTunes from the app store. The steps are very easy and any one can do it. Now let’s check another way which will help you to get WhatsApp on your iPad.

Alternative Way to Download WhatsApp on Your iTunes:

Listed below are the steps to download iTunes but in a different way.

First, you have to get the iTunes and launch it. Once it is done you have to download the .IPA file on PC.

  • The next step will be finding the iTunes Search it and get the.IPA file.
  • Now simply connect your IPAD with your PC and run for the syncs. Now once it is done you have to click on my device tab. There you will get the menu on the justify-hand
  • Now you have to go to the apps list where you will find the list of install app.
  • Now select the app from the list which you have copied means find the WhatsApp Application and select the install button.
  • Clicking on that will help you to install the file on your device.
  • Once the file gets installed the icon of the app will be shown on the home screen. Click on that and start using it.

So these were the steps which will help you to get WhatsApp on your iPad. Now let’s check out how we can back up the files on your WhatsApp.

Recovering WhatsApp Messages From iTunes Backup:

To do that first you have to simply sync your device with your PC by iTunes. Here the chat history of the WhatsApp will automatically get generated. Now if you want to get your lost files or lost chat from your iTunes you have to simply connect your device to your PC and simply get it restored from the backup by working on the iTunes. This is the easiest and the fastest way to get your recovery.

How to Use WhatsApp on iPad?

WhatsApp is not officially to download for iPad device but there is a way to use it. In this section, we will be guiding you how to use WhatsApp Messenger on your iPad device.

Step 1: Visit this link by browsing the website using Safari on your iPad, shortly you will notice that the loaded page is not the page of WhatsApp web page. Instead of that, you are just surfing the official home page of WhatsApp.

Step 2: Now what you have to do is, just hold on the refresh button of the URL on the Web search bar on your safari browser.

Step3: Request Desktop site will appear on your iPad Screen, just tap on it and then you will be redirected into the WhatsApp Web.

Step 4: After that scan the QR Code on your iPhone from the screen of the safari of WhatsApp web of iPad. To do that launch the WhatsApp on your iPhone, go to the settings and then choose WhatsApp web.

In this manner, you will have to scan the QR code to connect with your WhatsApp account into the WhatsApp web page on your iPad safari browser. After a while, the connection will be successful very quickly and you can start using WhatsApp.

FAQ of WhatsApp for iPad:

1: Can we use WhatsApp on iPad device?

Answer: WhatsApp messenger application is not downloadable for iPad or iPod, as the developer of WhatsApp has not designed for it. There is no plan made yet to develop the app even in the future.

2: Is WhatsApp supported on iPad?

Answer: One can only use the WhatsApp web version on their iPad as it is not supported. There is no official downloads of WhatsApp for iPad.

3: Is it safe to use WhatsApp for iPad?

Answer: WhatsApp is completely safe to use on iPad and there are no charges required for it. One can send media files like video and important file documents such as PDF and docx.

Features of WhatsApp for iPad:

WhatsApp is very simple and reliable text messaging application that gives you access to send unlimited text messages. Here is the list of impressive features that you need to know about, check them out provided below in details.

  • Start adding a number of contact lists into groups to start having the amazing group conversation. Add at least maximum number of 256 into the group chat of WhatsApp.
  • Start to send voice note or private text messages without getting worried about being exposed to public. As WhatsApp introduces to you end-to-end encryption security features which is too good to have.
  • Make a video or voice call at any moment you want with a fast internet connection and high picture quality.
  • Connect to WhatsApp Web version with your windows PC, Mac OS and iPad to use WhatsApp.
  • Share beautiful moments be it captured photos or video clips by sending it to your friends or family members.
  • Easily allows to you share important documents with your colleagues or anyone else. The supported file sending documents are PDF, Spreadsheet, docx, etc.
  • Mute notifications, block contacts, hide last seen, hide profile picture and status too.


By now you must have understood how to use WhatsApp for iPad which is quite easy. Since we are connecting WhatsApp with the WhatsApp web it has limited features. The user will not be able to make any video or voice calls but can send the voice note to the available WhatsApp contacts. WhatsApp Web is free to use the only thing you need to activate the service, by simply scanning the QR Code into the WhatsApp installed iPhone device. Using WhatsApp on iPad is totally safe to use there is no such thing as risk. Enjoy the WhatsApp messaging into the bigger screen by switching it from your iPhone to iPad.

Tubi TV Apk Download for Watch Movies & TV Serials at Your Finger Tip!!

Tubi TV Apk Download for Watch Movies & TV Serials at Your Finger Tip!!

Tubi TV is one of the best TV streaming serials cum movie playing app through online. Thousands of movies and Tv serials are free to watch via this app at your finger tip on your phone. This app is very easy to handle that you just choose the item click on it and it will start to play. One thing we need to confirm at first that this app is officially not available in Google Play. If you want to install this app then you need to download the Tubi TV Apk file at first and then install the app from it. So no need to get worried about the Apk that how you will get this file and how you can install it. In this topic, we will guide you all in all to start downloading, installing and how to use this app on your phone.

This Tubi Tv app is very much useful but many peoples do not know about this app. This is a totally free app to stream movies and serials through online. Moreover, this app comes up with life time validity which is very much useful for all the movies and serial lovers. This context will also provide you the complete features of this app which you should need to know before using this app once. Let’s start with the initial step i.e. download the Apk on your phone from the next point.

Steps to Download Tubi TV Apk for Android:

Tubi TV Apk Download

This is the initial step to download the Tubi TV app on your phone. At first, you need to keep ready with Android phone running on Android 4.1 and later with an internet connection. So let’s start to get know how to download the Apk file of Tubi TV for Android phone.

  • At first, you need to Click on this Link for downloading the latest version of Tubi TV Apk file on your phone.


  • When you will click on the above link it will redirect you to the download page. In this page, you can find the download button or link where you need to click once to start up the downloading process.
  • The download will be done depending on the speed of your internet connection and wait for un till it completed successfully. If getting failed then retry the download.
  • Once downloading has been completed the file will get saved on the phone memory.
  • After that now it is the time to arrive at the next point that is to install the app from this Apk file.

Note: This Tubi TV app is not available officially on Google Play so you have to install it via Apk only.

Process to Install Tubi TV Apk for Android:

Hope all the Android users have successfully completed the first process i.e the downloading of Apk file on their phone. If yes then go to the next step i.e. to install this file on your phone. This is very easy to install the Tubi TV on your phone. Please follow the below steps and apply the same on your device too.irst of all

  • Things which you need to do at first is to enable the installation of the file from Unknown Sources. For enabling this feature you need to visit the Phone Settings-> then open Security Settings-> where you will get the Unknown Sources Option -> Enable it by once click or tap on this option.
  • Once you have done this step now open the setup Apk from the folder you have saved after downloading.
  • Click on that file and you will get one install button on the screen which you need to click to start installing.
  • Wait now until the installation has been completed successfully. It will take few seconds to install completely.
  • Now one App launching icon of Tubi TV will create automatically on the app drawer or home screen.
  • Your app is now getting ready to use and enjoy your favorite content through this application.

Features of Tubi Tv Apk:

The various features of Tubi Tv app are describing below. If you get aware about Tubi TV App before using in your phone then it will feel you easy and more comfortable also. So let’s try to read the features of this app which is describing below.

  • You can get a wide range of movies from the various category. The types of categories like action, drama, comedy, science fiction, martial arts, artistic, and much more you can get through this app.
  • All the movies which are categorized and listed in the Tubi TV app are totally legal and hosted in the Tubi Server.
  • This app is not connected with You Tube and hence all the Movies and Serials are stream through the direct Tubi TV Player.
  • This is one of the free application to watch movies, serials, series and more.
  • The interface of this app is so much user-friendly such that in one click you can play the video after searching the content through it.

How to Use Tubi TV App?

This is the time to start using this app after successfully completing the whole set up and knowing the feature of this app. Now connect your phone to the internet and open the app on your phone. Search for the content with the name which you want. Click on the preferred item and you are done. The content will start play instantly on your phone depending on internet speed.

These are the over all Tubi TV app information for the Android User. We hope you all are satisfied with the steps to download the Tubi Tv apk for free with out any problem. This context gives you the total information about downloading, installation, how to use and even the features of this app. So if you are interested in this app then definitely go through it. It is very safe and secure to download from the above-given link. Download this app on your phone and also inform your friends and family so that they can also enjoy the best features of this app.