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iMessage Not Working? How to Fix iMessage Not Activating On iOS?

iMessage Not Working? How to Fix iMessage Not Activating On iOS?

As all of your especially the iPhone users know about the iMessage very well. So iMessage is one of the dedicated iPhone application which is used to send and receive the text messages between iPhone users and Apple devices. But sometimes due to the simple reasons, it is not working and you need to diagnose it on your iPhone or iPad. The simplest way to find that your iMessage is working or not working is very simple. If once you sent the text message through iMessage if the bubble turns into a blue color that means your iMessage is working fine. Otherwise, if it turns into a green color that means the iMessage is not working properly and the message is failed to send. Learn how to fix iMessage not working error? below.

To get reach out from these type of problem we are going to mention some of the best procedures. All these procedures are definitely working on your iOS device to fix up the problem. Sometimes basically this problem arises due to network error, settings error, etc. But rather than these, many other reasons are also there which stands for creating this error. WIthout wasting more time now we are going to start to discuss the solutions to fix up the iMessage not working.

How to Fix iMessage Not Working? – Procedure:

 iMessage Not Working

All the best procedures which are going to work on your Android device is discussing on the steps below. So have a look on these procedures to fix up the problems with your iMessage.

Restart Internet or Reset the Internet Settings: 

Initially, you need to perform the basic step like you need to reset your internet connection settings. For that, you need to open the Phone Settings then go to the option General. From that option, you will get the Reset menu in which you need to choose “Reset Network Settings”. That’s all you are done now all the networking setting including the Wi-Fi passwords also get removed. After that, you have to again enter the password during connect to the same Wi-Fi Home or Work network. It results into the restarting of your internet connection.

Perform iOS Updates:

Sometimes it is found that we generally ignore the regular updates which come to improve the performance of your phone. In such case, it is may cause the iOS to perform correctly in all the fields. And at last, it results to create some errors in the iMessage during sending and receiving messages. So to perform the updates you need to visit Settings and then General and choose Software updates. 

Sign Out and Sign in iMessage: 

If you still facing the same problem then once you need to get Sign out and again Sign in using your Apple ID. To perform this procedure you have to open the Settings and then open Message. Now find the place where you get the Apple ID and tap to Sign Out. Again after that get Sign in back again using the same Apple ID.

Set Up iMessage: 

The next step is to set up the iMessage application correctly on your iOS devices. For that user need to open Settings-> Messages-> Send and Recieve. Now you will get a list of phone numbers attached for send and receive messages through iMessage. Now you on the below part you will see ‘Start New Conversation From’ and if the phone no. is not checked then click once to activate.

Turn Off and Restart your Device: 

Now, at last, you need to reboot your device but hold the power button for a few seconds, one option will display. In that option, it is written that ‘Slide to Power Off’. Now slide once to turn off the phone. After that again Turn on the phone by holding the power button.

If all the above steps are still giving you the solutions then please contact the Apple Support for further solutions. The Customer support team are always ready to start helping the users in any fields regarding Apple devices.


So that’s all about the procedures to fix iMessage not working on iOS devices. As like BlackBerry Messenger, this iMessage is also very helpful for the iOS users to send a message without using any SMS packs. It sends the messages directly through the Carrier. So only between the iOS users you can easily send and receive messages instantly without any extra charges. Always try to follow the above solutions which we have mentioned above to fix this problem. If still, you are facing the same then feel free to get support from the Apple Customer Assist Team.

Spotify Premium Apk Download Free Latest Version on Android Device

Spotify Premium Apk Download Free Latest Version on Android Device

All music lovers can now enjoy listening to premium music for free on their Android device using the Spotify Premium App. However, the premium version of the application is not free and hence people are looking MOD version of the application. Now you can get the premium version online by downloading the Spotify Premium APK on your Android Device.

Spotify Premium is the premium version of Spotify application which is the most popular music app to listen to your favorite songs for free. The Spotify Premium comes with lots many advanced features which are missing with the free version of the application and users are required to pay to download the premium version of Spotify App. So, to save your money and get access to the premium features of the application you need to download the Spotify Premium APK on your android device from third party sites online. With the premium version, you can access the whole new world of music and other premium features to enhance your overall experience.

How to Download Spotify Premium APK on Android Device?

Spotify Premium APK

The free and the premium version is available on Google Play Store, but you download the premium version of Spotify App you need to register and pay charges for it. So, learn the ways to download the Spotify Premium App for free on your Android device.

Explore Features of Spotify Premium Apk:

The Spotify Premium APK comes with many new and advanced features which are not available with the free version of the application. The premium app allows you to listen to your favorite music in HD quality and have lots of other fun with the app. There is no requirement to root the Android device to download the APK of the Spotify Premium App.

  • Unlimited skip without any ads
  • Forced random restriction lifted on Spotify Premium APK
  • You can download and save music to listen offline
  • It is free and loaded with many added features
  • No interruption of ads
  • Access to millions of song tracks for free
  • Listen to unlimited music in HD quality
  • Allows downloading of music for free

How to Use Spotify Premium APK?

  • Go to Play Store and search for Opera VPN
  • Now you need to create free account
  • Select the nation where you stay
  • Now tap to connect and enjoy listening to music

Steps to Download Spotify Premium APK:

Below you download the Spotify Premium APK on your Android device you need to ensure that you uninstall the Spotify App from your device. You also need to make few changes in the device. You need to enable the “Unknown Sources” from the Settings of your device to accept files from third party sites on your Android device.

  • Go to the website and download the Spotify Premium APK
  • Now you need to store the APK file on SD card of your device
  • Navigate to the location where you have stored the APK file and extract the .exe files by clicking on the APK
  • Now click on “Install” and wait till the app is installed


So, this is a tutorial on how to download and install Spotify Premium Apk on both Android smartphones and tablets. if you want to share your views about Spotify Premium Application then do leave a comment below.

TubeMate for iPhone/iPad on iOS Device Download Free Latest Version

TubeMate for iPhone/iPad on iOS Device Download Free Latest Version

Tubemate is the Application designed to let you stream and download YouTube videos for free. After the success of its Android versions, the developers have now also launched the iOS version of the application. So, get Tubemate for iPhone / iPad on iOS device and enjoy downloading and streaming YouTube videos for free on your device.

Tubemate can be considered as the best software or tool for watching and downloading YouTube movies and videos for free. The application supports both Android and iOS devices. The iPhone users can now get all their favorite videos on their device using the Tubemate App on their device. Initially, this application was only available for Android users, but later after its successful response, the developers have also launched the iOS version of the application which lets the iOS users download and stream YouTube videos for free on their device through this application.

Tubemate for iPhone is free to download and use application and you can download the application from the Apple App Store. Owing to its unique features and performance it has become the most trending and popular application on App Store today compared to all other YouTube Downloader. It also supports all the latest versions of iOS and hence you can easily get the application on your iOS device regardless of its model.

The Key Features of Tubemate for iPhone/iPad on iOS:

TubeMate for iPhone

  • The Tubemate for iPhone comes with the feature that allows you to download the latest YouTube videos for free
  • It also allows you to stream online YouTube videos without buffering
  • There is the option to pause the downloading and resume it later again as per your convenience
  • It allows you to download at least 10 videos at a time
  • The downloading of the videos keep on going in background and you can carry out other tasks on your device
  • It allows sharing of the videos on diverse social media platforms
  • You get the chance to download videos as per your convenience and in the desired quality

The Process to Getting Tubemate for iPhone/iPad:

As already mentioned, Tubemate is legitimate App and officially available on iTunes or Apple App Store. You simply need to follow the below steps to download and get Tubemate for iPhone on your device.

  • Launch the iTune App on your iPhone and iPad form home screen
  • Now you need to type “Tubemate” on the search bar
  • From the search result, choose the icon of Tubemate and click on it
  • You will find the “Install” option which you need to click to start the installation process
  • The installation will start and it will take few minute to get completed, depending upon the speed of the internet connection
  • Once the installation is over, you can start using the app to download YouTube videos on your device


If you love watching YouTube videos and like to download the videos safely to get rid form the issue of buffering, then download the Tubemate for iPhone App on your device and enjoy download and watching of videos for free.