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Mobdro For PC Download Free on Windows (7/8.1/10) Laptop and Mac OS

Mobdro For PC Download Free on Windows (7/8.1/10) Laptop and Mac OS

Mobdro is an amazing live streaming application which let you search all the video that is available on the internet. To watch the streaming videos, you can either install the Mobdro app on your PC or use Mobdro app on your Android device. In this post, I will show you how to download and install Mobdro for PC.

Mobdro is available in two versions one is the Freemium Version, and the other is the Premium Version.  To enjoy the Premium Version, you have first to download the Freemium version. Mobdro is an app developed for watching videos online which allows you to search for any of your favorite videos. Now stream any of your favorite TV Shows, Movies at any time you want to. Mobdro app is filled up with lots of exciting features which is very fun to use.

Mobdro for PC on Windows & Mac – Everything You Need to Know:

Mobdro For PC

The app is filled up with amazing video such as 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, etc. Mobdro is well-designed and has a very user-friendly interface. It is now supported in PC using the BlueStacks and available in Android devices.

Mobdro is available into two version one is the Freemium, and the other is the Premium version. The Freemium is the free version of the app. Whereas, the Premium version of Mobdro provides you some extra features such as capturing streams, Chromecast, free from ads, download streams, Chromcast support, sleep time and more.

In order to use the Premium version you need to download the Freemium version once, and then you will be given an option for subscribing your app into the Premium version.

Features of the Mobdro for PC:

The Freemium version of the Mobdro brings to you some amazing features which are free to use. However, in the Premium Version, there is an additional feature such as capturing the streams, free from unnecessary ads and also the ChromeCast support. Check out the exciting features of Mobdro that are mentioned below:

  • Search Stream Video: You will be able to find and watch any of the videos online on your Windows PC, Android, and iOS device.
  • Discover: Easily discover video streams available from every corner of the world and also in different types of languages.
  • Share Recommended Videos: Share one of your favorite videos in your friend’s social network accounts such as in Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.
  • Bookmark: You can bookmark and arrange video streams and filter the lists into sort of language or name of the video stream.
  • Download Stream videos: Download any of your entire favorite video streams and keep it stored in your memory for watching it later offline.
  • Mobdro Premium version: Purchasing the Mobdro Premium Version will help remove all the unnecessary ads. It will ultimately provide you clear video streams to watch without any kind of ads interference.
  • Chromecast Support: Even when the screen of your Smartphone is small in size, increase the size of the video into the screen as the Mobdro premium version comes with the ChromeCast integration.
  • Sleep Timer: In the sleep time mode you will be able to set the timer, which allows the app to gets stop by itself when you fall asleep ultimately saving your time.

We are also about to see the app with some more interesting features like CloudShare integration and also the Live Events streaming. It simply means Mobdro will be packed with lots more features coming up.

How to Download Mobdro for PC/Laptop on Windows 7/8.1/10 using BlueStacks?

Mobdro is not officially available for PC downloads neither Android device. So far Mobdro is available only in Apk file for Android device. But, there is a way to download Mobdro on your PC as well with the BlueStacks. Check out the steps shown below on how to install and download Mobdro for PC using BlueStacks:

  • Step 1: Open the internet browser on your PC and now go for the Google search engine. Type the keyword BlueStacks and then click on the search button.
  • Step 2: From the search results that are displayed on your screen, select any of the recommended sites and go for it by clicking on it.
  • Step 3: In the web page, you will find download button of the BlueStacks, just click on it.
  • Step 4: Now wait for the BlueStacks file to get downloaded completely.
  • Step 5: Open the stored folder location of the downloaded .exe file of BlueStacks from your download folder of your PC.
  • Step 6: Now you will have to click on the .exe file of the BlueStacks to install it, wait until the process gets completed.
  • Step 7: Launch the BlueStacks which is already installed on your PC. Click on the search engine toolbar and type the keyword Mobdro and then click on the search results.
  • Step 8: In the search results of the BlueStacks menu the icon of the Mobdro will appear on the screen, you will have to click on the icon of the app.
  • Step 9: Now click on the install button of the Mobdro app by clicking on the options, soon the installation process will begin, and the file will get downloaded on your PC.
  • Step: Now Mobdro app is ready to launch on your PC, and you can now start watching the stream videos of the internet.

Final Words on Mobdro For PC:

Mobdro App is one of the unique video streaming apps which brings with it a simple user-interface. The app works smoothly on your Android devices and PC as well.  As you have gone through the post, now you know how to download and install Mobdro for PC.

Get Mobdro for PC today by installing the BlueStacks emulator. Since Mobdro video streaming app is not officially available for download from Google Play store because it has not been officially released yet. However, since Mobdro app is available in the Apk Version, you can download it to your PC using BlueStacks.

BB Rec Download Free for iPhone/iPad on iOS Device Latest Version!!

BB Rec Download Free for iPhone/iPad on iOS Device Latest Version!!

We have witnessed that most of the iPhone device users struggle to record their phone screen. In that case, a Screen recorder app is the best solution for any iOS device user worldwide. Today here we will be discussing with you on BB Rec App which is a screen recording apps for Smartphone. When we are able to record many useful, valuable and entertaining video it helps us fulfilled our needs. BB Rec impressively works on your iPhone device without making any internet connection. Not even you need to jailbreak your iOS phone it is simple as that to use. Here we will provide you information on how to get BB Rec Download for iOS.

This is a screen recording application which has been made available for iOS devices, which give you an access to record any screen on your phone. Apart from that, you can import or even export the saved screen recordings on your device. BB Rec is designed with simple user-interface and very easy to be handled on an iOS device. The screen recording application is filled with impressive features to make the recorded videos unique.

BB REC Download in Details Information:

BB Rec Download for iPhone

In the screen recorder, the user can also select the frame rate and resolution of the video recording. Speaking of the video recording quality you can set from normal to HD Quality videos. Upload any of your favorite videos recorded on your iPhone with BB Rec. It is a brilliant recording application available to use in an iOS device which makes it valuable for iOS users. Continue to read to read all the full information on the download procedure and features of this App for iOS.

The Process of BB Rec Download on iPhone/iPad?

Since BB REC is not officially available to download on the iOS device from Apple Store. Here, we will be using One Key Installation on PC to install the file on your iPhone. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Step 1: First off you will have to install the above-highlighted app.
  • Step 2: Now simply connect your iPhone to your computer,
  • Step3: Then use vShare Helper and install the vShare on your iOS device.
  • Step 4: After a while, the vShare application will be installed. Launch it.
  • Step5: Now look for the Untrusted Enterprise Developer error.
  • Step 6: To solve the error, go to the “settings” and then open “general settings”. Now open the “profiles and device management”, profile name and choose trust twice the time.
  • Step7: In this way, your profile of BB Rec has got trusted now and then you are ready to launch the App on your iPhone.

From now onwards you can open the BB Rec app and start recording anything from your iPhone screen.

Information on the Features of BB Rec Download:

BB Rec is packed with lots of interesting features that you need to know about. To know them we have provided the information for you, check them out below.

  • BB Rec gives the user a time limit screen recording of 2.5 hours which is with crystal clear video quality.
  • Make the use of the pre-installed application share button to do social network sharing with your friends and public.
  • It has an amazing user interface which makes you easy to handle the application.
  • Works even without any internet connection and with no charges.
  • Record screen of videos choosing from standard quality to high definition videos.
  • The screen recording app is supported on several models of iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone, etc.


Things that are very interesting about the BB Rec app for iOS is its video capturing length and quality set up. If you are one of those who are looking for official file download of BB Rec for an iOS device. Then it is unfortunate that the screen recording app is available to download on Apple Store. To get BB Rec file on your iOS device and start using it apply the instructions provided in this article. Time to record videos from your iPhone screen choose the highest quality of videos with a video length of up to 2.5. BB rec app is a solution for any iPhone user who seeks to download screen recording apps on their device. Get the file today itself without wasting your time any longer.

Viva Video App Download Free For Android to Make and Edit Videos

Viva Video App Download Free For Android to Make and Edit Videos

Viva Video App is an application made for smartphones. Basically, It is an app which is designed for editing and making videos. They have a powerful tool for editing video with 1000+ video effects. This app is one of the few best-rated application globally. And are loaded with professional video editing tools. It makes editing of video by a smartphone more convenient. Once there was a time where the computer was the only source for editing video or to make videos. But all of us now live in the era of smartphones. Introduction of a smartphone into our lives made our workloads a bit easier.

Now people have a craze of keeping a variety of apps on their smartphones to ease their workload. Viva video is one of the utility app one should have on their smartphones. One can trim, make slideshows, manipulate videos with help of this application. This app is treated as one of the best video editing and movie maker app around the world.

How to Download and Install Viva Video App into the Device?

Viva Video App

Viva video app has excellent features loaded in itself. It has been designed in such a way that a beginner can easily feel connect with its interface. This app is easily available in Google PlayStore. One can easily avail it at free of cost and can install it on their smartphones.

You can download the Viva video App for Free, from the Google PlayStore. To download Xender App successfully, follow the below-shown instruction.

  • Click on the given link to download Viva video App– click here.
  • Now you will be redirected to the web-page.
  • Click on the Download button to download the App.
  • Once downloaded, the installation will automatically start.
  • After completion of the installation process, you can open the app and start making videos through it.

Features: All You Need to Know:

Viva video App has a bunch of great features loaded in it. Its ability to make powerful HD videos is considered among of those beast features it has in it. One can easily make attractive videos through it. The features of viva video an excellent app is discussed below:

  • Interface- It is highly friendly in nature when it comes to terms of interface. A beginner can easily manipulate the basic functions of the application.
  • High functionality- It has functionalities like video reverse, resize, playback, blurred background, voice & audio speed adjustment, audio fade in & out
  • Advanced video effects- It also gives facility where you can make the video with 1000+ creative video effects.
  • Different video shooting lens- It comes up with the facility of a multiple video shooting lens.
  • Social connectivity– It helps in sharing videos over social network platform like facebook, twitter, snapchat etc.


Viva video App is a very important and useful app to edit video and make slideshows with pictures. So that you don’t have to use a computer all the time, simply install the application into your devices and enjoy creating videos. It has a very user-friendly interface, one can easily create videos through it. Its excellent helped it to grab a huge user base globally. Download the app now and enjoy the new way of making the video.