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Mobdro for iPhone/iPad | Download the Best Alternatives to Mobdro on iOS

Mobdro for iPhone/iPad | Download the Best Alternatives to Mobdro on iOS

Mobdro is the renowned video streaming application launched for Android users. However, iOS users need to use the alternatives of Mobdro to stream HD videos and movies as there is no official Mobdro for iPhone iPad launched yet.

Mobdro App no longer requires any introduction as it is the globally acclaimed free video streaming application designed mainly for Android and Windows PC users. This application is free to download and it offers millions of video for streaming without any cost involved. Mobdro allows the users to stream online videos and movies in HD quality. From serials to TV programs, movies to other channels, all can be watched using Mobdro app. Officially, Mobdro for iPhone iPad is not launched yet, but there are alternatives available that iOS users can download to enjoy streaming videos for free on their iOS devices.

Types of Mobdro App – You Need to Know Everything:

There are two versions of Mobdro for iPhone iPad – Freemium and Premium. As the name suggests, the Freemium version is free to download and comes with basic features only like streaming videos etc. However, the premium version is the most advanced version that comes with some of the advanced features including:

  • HD quality Video Streaming
  • No commercials and ads
  • Sleep timer feature
  • Downloading of videos for later streaming
  • Supports all video formats
  • Updates regularly the movie list for you

Is It Possible to Download Mobdro for iPhone iPad?

Mobdro for iPhone iPad

As already mentioned, there is no official version of Mobdro for iPhone iPad is not available on the market yet. However, you need to wait until the time the official version of Mobdro App for iPhone iPad is launched. Now, you have to download and install the alternative of Mobdro App which runs smoothly on all platforms including the iOS. The lists of alternatives are mentioned below which are ranked based on its features and performance on iOS platform. So, if you are using an iOS mobile device and want to get the best alternative to Mobdro for iPhone iPad, then continue reading the post.

Alternatives to Mobdro for iPhone iPad:

Mobdro App is said to be the best online video streaming application today. It allows you to stream latest movies, videos, music, sports, news and even TV channels and shows. It allows you to discover the unknown videos, missed TV shows, movies and more and that too at high definition quality. Since there is no official Mobdro App available for iPhone and iPad users, they need to download and install the alternatives that work just similar to Mobdro App. Some of the popular alternatives include:

Best Alternatives of Mobdro for iPhone

Cinema Box:

This is the best and advanced alternative to Mobdro for iPhone iPad. It works just similar to Mobdro App and runs smoothly on all platforms including iPhone and iPad. This is the recently launched app from Playbox HD owners. It comes with some of the dramatic entertainment features like Mobdro. You can use this videos streaming app in place of Mobdro without hassles.

Movie Box:

This is the dedicated video streaming application introduced only for iOS devices and this application can be downloaded using Cydia Installer. You can get the free version of this video streaming application on your iPhone and iPad and start streaming HD quality videos and movies for free.


This is another popular alternative to Mobdro App that is designed specifically for iOS platform and you can install it easily by downloading the APK file of Showbox from online sources. This online video streaming application is known to have the largest collection of TV shows and movies which are delivered in HD quality. It is free movie streaming application that allows you to stream videos on your mobile for free.

MegaBox HD:

This is an online video streaming application that is launched to replace the Mobdro for iPhone iPad. It supports iOS platform and offers you the widest collection of sports, videos, movies, news and TV shows on your handheld iOS devices.

Hotstar iOS:

This is recently launched video streaming alternative of Mobdro for iPhone iPad which allows you to search and stream videos for free.

These were some of the best alternatives to Mobdro for iPhone iPad. There are also other applications that you can install for free video streaming on your iOS device.

Vidmate for iPhone/iPad – How to Download VIdmate App on Your iOS?

Vidmate for iPhone/iPad – How to Download VIdmate App on Your iOS?

Vidmate is an excellent app to download videos. Vidmate was first launched for Android user but soon with an emulator, one can now use the app on their PC and Laptop. With Vidmate, you can download any video or music form any social media site or video site. One of the best thing that you can do is download videos from YouTube, which is why 90% of Vidmate user get vidmate. Vidmate can be easily installed on an Android device as the raw file of Vidmate is easily available on the internet. And for those who want to use the Vidmate on the PC or Laptop, they can do it by installing an android emulator.on their Windows PC or laptop and then install the Vidmate apk on the emulator. Check steps to download Vidmate for iPhone/iPad on iOS device below.

But what about the iPhone/iPad users who are also willing to use this app? Well, the first thing about Apple product is that they are really strict about installing third-party apps on their devices. Just like Android offers 99% of their app for free, Apple, on the other hand, offers 99% of apps as paid apps. So is Vidmate for iPhone/iPad a real thing or you will need to get an android phone or use your pc to use Vidmate. Let us have a look at the facts and get to know more about Vidmate for iPhone, iPad, and iOS.

Vidmate for iPhone and iPad on iOS? Is it a real thing?

Vidmate for iPhone

To say it straight, well Vidmate for ios, iPhone, and iPad isn’t a real thing. If you are an iPhone or iPad or any other Apple device user then you have to live with the fact that you can’t use Vidmate for your Apple device be it a Prop2, 3, 4, Mini, iPad Air or 4s, 5s, 6s, 6sPlus, 7, 7s or even the latest iPhone X user you can’t use Vidmate.

If you search for the Vidmate app on the App Store of an Apple Device, You will be offered with a Video and music player but that’s all that is. It isn’t a video and music downloader like the Vidmate for Android users. So there is nothing you can do as an iPhone and iPad user to use Vidmate to download videos and songs.

So Isn’t There Any Way to Use Vidmate for iPhone/iPad on iOS Device?

Well, there is one single way to use Vidmate for ios, iPhone, and iPad, and though it isn’t a risky way yet if you are a willing to take the risk then here is how you can use it. Apple developers restrict a user from installing 3rd party app on their devices so all you need to do is get a backdoor to install 3rd party apps on your Apple device. This can only be possible if you “JailBreak” your device. If you are familiar with the term jailbreak then you would probably know about its benefits and drawbacks too.

Jailbreaking an Apple device will allow you to get full access to any device is it Android or iOS as well. So if you are thinking about getting Vidmate for your ios, iPhone, and iPad then it can be a possible way. Though I am saying that, jailbreaking can be helpful but I don’t recommend you to jailbreak a device as there are few drawbacks to jailbreaking too.

Drawbacks of Jailbreaking your iOS, iPhone, and iPad to Use Vidmate:

Jailing breaking any device come with many restriction and limitations too. Let us have a look at what drawbacks & restrictions you would have to face if you jailbreak your device to use Vidmate on your iOS, iPhone, and iPad.

  1. Voids Warrenty: As soon as you have jailbroken any device, the manufacturer will no longer be liable to warranty claims. Be it a day after you bought the device that you have jailbroken the device. Some electronic device company won’t even take the liability of changing any components or even service your device if you have jailbroken or rooted the device.
  2. Risk of Bricking the device: One of the biggest risk, while rooting or jailbreaking a device, is that you can run into the risk of bricking your device. And once you have bricked your device, you can no longer use the device. Bricking a device will leaving the device unusable.

These are the 2 biggest restrictions that you would have to face when you jailbreak the device. Also, you will need a lot of time to perform the rooting/jailbreaking the device if you want to do it properly. And even after that, you can’t be sure that the jailbreaking process will be successful or not.


So this is how you can use vVdmate for iOS, iPhone, and iPad. Though jailbreaking can be risky way, yet if you are willing to use Vidmate to download videos and music from any video site or social media site then you can definitely try vidmate for ios, iPhone, and iPad.