Top 5 Best Similar Apps Like Showbox to Watch Movies & TV Shows Free

Top 5 Best Similar Apps Like Showbox to Watch Movies & TV Shows Free

Movies, TV shows/series will always be the significant break way of entertainment for anyone. Watching them is the favorite pass time for most of us. Irrespective of what our interest is movie / TV watching will be one among the list for sure. Showbox is one of such application but in any case, if you are not able to download Show Box app on your phone or PC, just don’t worry we are here with similar apps like Showbox or best of other five alternatives for watching live streaming movies and TV series.

  • Viewster
  • Crackle
  • Hubi
  • TubiTv
  • Flipps
  • Movie Box App
  • PlayBox HD App
  • Movie HD App & Megabox HD App
  • Sky HD App
  • Popcorn Time App
  • Hub App Download
  • Cartoon HD App

Top 5 Apps Like Showbox Apk – Best Similar Apps:

Apps Like Showbox

Note: If you want to enjoy watching movies directly on your PC / desktop in big screen then please scroll down to an end of the document to have a look at how to achieve that. The initial discussion would be on downloading phone applications and their links. Then at the bottom, we have given a quick way to get a pseudo-platform installed for enjoying all the five applications using the same links listed for phone downloads on your PC / Desktop. Below is the list of Apps like Showbox.


About Viewster: Viewster is an application where the user can watch any movie/ TV show he/she wish to watch online streaming. The only prerequisite needed is the online connection. Once the app is installed on the device no need for any further process to be waited for directly by a single click user can watch any of their favorite movies.

Compatible Versions: Android and iOS, PC/desktop. So the users can watch live streaming movies/Tv shows on Android and iPhone and PC.

Download Viewster for Showbox App Alternatives:

Go to the link: and click on install. As soon as the app is installed you can easily watch movies streaming online. 


About Crackle: Crackle is one of the best movie/ TV online streaming applications. One of its attractive features is this app can be installed any type of device. It is popular in many zones where it can be used. It is very extensive and famous for its all device compatibility. Crackle App will always have a wide range of choice of movies among which we can pick our favorites. The movies list will be updated very frequently.

Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles, Windows mobiles, amazon kindle, Television, PC / desktop.

Steps to Download Crackle:

Step 1: Go to the link and install the application


About Hubi: It is one of the best platform-neutral applications which can work across platforms. It has its own integrated video player and all where there will be no need of downloading any compatible adobe players and all. It depends on the cloud backend which is faster and most reliable for picking the movies/ TV shows from the search box faster.

Compatible Devices: Windows, Android, Pc/ desktop.

Steps to Download Hubi:

Step 1: Go to the link and install the application. Once installed you can enjoy your pick of movies streaming on your device.


About TubiTv: There is nothing to hide on the fact that while watching free online streaming movies we fall across the advertisements which will take a quite a long time to close. But in the case of watching movies in Tuba Tv that pain will be bit low as it has the shortest length advertisements in it. Along with that advantage, it has all the features that a common online free streaming application provides including various categorizations, constant up gradation of movie list and much more.

Compatible Devices: Android, PC, Desktop.

Steps to Download TubiTv for Apps like Showbox Apk:

Step 1: Go to the link and download the TubiTv app from google play store. Once you click on install button you can enjoy unlimited movie watching time 


About Flipps: This is another live movie/TV streaming application which is one of its kinds. You will get to watch TV as well if you install this single application. This application is very feasible and simple to use than many of the other apps. Another amazing thing is you can make this app compatible with your television as well and can watch movies free streaming online.

Compatible Devices: Android / PC/ desktop / television.

Steps to Download Flips:

Step 1: Go to the link: and go ahead installing the app in your device.You can enjoy live streaming movies now.

How to Download Showbox Similar Apps on Your PC Windows 7/8.1/10?

For all the above applications if you want to watch them on your Desktop/PC here is the simplest way

There is nothing much that needs to be done just you need to download an emulator in your PC which will act as an interface for downloading phone applications.

Step 1:

Initially, you need to download the BlueStacks emulator using the link An emulator will make it possible for you to download a common platform in your PC / Desktop so that you can download all android compatible apps on your PC only. Install it from the link and get Bluestacks launched on your PC. 

Step 2:

In the app, search button searches for your favorite and click on install button. Automatically you can have the application installed on your PC now and you can enjoy all your favorite movies.

Yes!! This is the best applications list till date. Please do consider to download the application based on your phone compatibilities mentioned. In any case, if any installation fails to feel free to comment back to us. Most probably all the applications are from trusted sources like google play and apple store so no issues will be encountered. So we hope we have provided best similar apps like Showbox which will run in most of all your applications.

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