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Top 5 Best MX Player Alternatives Download Free on Android Device

Top 5 Best MX Player Alternatives Download Free on Android Device

In today’s world almost everyone owns a smartphone. We don’t buy smartphones only to call or send messages. We use our smartphones for multipurpose uses. Once simply can’t become bored if the person owns a Smartphone. Most of us use our smartphones when we are bored and the thing we do is to listen to songs or to watching videos. MyxPlayer is a must have app on every smartphone for watching videos. Check MX Player Alternatives below.

Though we get a default video player whenever we buy a smartphone the default player doesn’t support all types of media files and doesn’t have many features, so we must need an alternative app or a video player on our smartphones. There are many phones which don’t support MX player or doesn’t work properly. So those smartphone users must need some alternative app to MyxPlayer. In this article, I am going to discuss the MX Player Alternatives or Best Similar Apps on Android Device Free.

MX Player Alternatives of Android Device Free Latest Version:

MX Player Alternatives

VLC for Android:

Those who used are using, they must have heard about VLC player, which is a very popular player from a long time. VLC player is available for Android devices too. You can download VLC media player from Google Play Store itself and the main thing is this app is available for free. As VLC media player is an open source cross-platform multimedia player so it supports most of the file formats. In VLC player you not only can play video, you can play your audio files too and can use for network streams too. This app very user friendly because from VLC player you can view all the folders and it has a media library for audio and video files and comes along with many adjustments and features.


PC users must have heard about KMPlayer as it is one of the best media players. If you are satisfied with the use of KMPlayer in your PC then it will never disappoint you in your android device too. KMPlayer has more than 300 million global users. According to Google Play, it was among the top 30 best app. You can experience in a different way with KMPlayer.


The best thing is it supports the HD videos and comes with 30 different languages from where you can choose your preferable language. This app is absolutely free and available in Google play store.


BS player is another best app or player for Android devices. This app also comes for free and available in Google play store for download. This app is compatible with all the versions of Android which other apps are not. BSPlayer supports multicore support. The best thing about this app is, it increases speed and reduced battery consumption. BSPlayer provides several audio streams and playback modes.


Most of the time BSPlayer finds the subtitle files automatically, in case it don’t find it you can add external subtitle files too. BSplayer can play files directly from uncompressed RAR files too. There are many other features too.


MoboPlayer is a very powerful media player which allows you to play almost all types of files. By using MoboPlayer, you can you can load different type of subtitle formats. In MoboPlayer you can play HD videos too. Another good thing about MoboPlayer is it can create playlists or if you want to lay an entire folder, then also you can play.


It required very less memory too. But the main drawback of this app is its translation is very bad otherwise it is a very good app.

HD Video Player:

Hope you can guess the main specialty of this app by its name. Yes, this app plays HD videos very easily and smoothly. Whenever you play any HD video, it plays without any break or anything. Even by this app you can watch online HD Videos too.

HD Video Player

Once you will install this app in your phone, the app will find all the videos of your phone and will show play option. This is an awesome player for playing videos, especially HD videos.


It is very important to keep an alternative video player in your phone. MYXPlayer is undoubtedly the best app for watching videos, in case you’re bored of using Myxplayer, you can try above players. All the players come with different features and appearance. So everyone should use or keep this alternative apps of MyxPlayer.