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Showbox Not Working? – Fix Video or Server Not Available Error

Showbox Not Working? – Fix Video or Server Not Available Error

It is very well recognized app for its convenience service of streaming free movies on mobile devices. It is an app that supports cross-platform. This app can be easily used both on your Android and iOS devices. With a slightly different technique, you can use the Showbox movie streaming app even your Windows PC. Using the Showbox apk, you can enjoy hundreds of free HD movies on your computing devices without spending a cent. All you got to have is a supportive device and a proper Internet connection in your device. Check How to Fix Showbox App Not Working Error Or Server Not Available? below.

Showbox has a lot to offer you. It has a huge database with all kind of movie genres. Most popular Movie genres can be named as Action, Si-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Drama, History, etc. In the Showbox Homepage, you will monitor various categories such as Movies, Shows (TV), My Library, Updates. Movies and Shows will expose all kind of movie and TV Shows contents available in the Showbox.

In My Library, you can keep your favorite contents. The Update section will show you all the latest updated contents. You can get into any one of the above-mentioned sections for free watching. Or, you can search for your desired content by typing the title of the movie or TV show.

How to Fix Showbox Not Working? – Updating not Available?

Showbox Not Working

All the contents available in the Showbox are in High definition quality. Even though Showbox is such a convenient app, yet it has been encountering some error issue in past days.

One of the most common Showbox error is the “Showbox not working” issue. If you want to know how to fix this error of Showbox, you are right at the place where you should be.

In any Android device, Showbox not working error can be fixed out in the simplest way.

Lear Here How to Use Showbox For iPad/iPhone

How to Update Showbox App?

Every app is meant to be updated with better functionality. With updating an app, It can get better-added features as well as get rid of old bugs in it. Older versions of apps can be easily targeted by malware and can get easily outdated. That’s why it should be updated with every new version.

Update Showbox Step by Step –

  • Visit the Showbox official site and download the Apk file of the latest version or We have updated Latest Version of Showbox Apk file, You can download here.
  • Save the Apk file in your computer for further usage.
  • Now connect the computer to your phone or another handy device.
  • Transfer the file to your Android device.
  • The disconnected phone Android device from your computer.
  • Now locate the Showbox Apk file from your device.
  • Open the file and tap on the “Install” option.

After tapping on the “Install” button, Showbox updated Apk file will be immediately installed on your Android device. This will fix the Showbox not working error issue and you will be enjoying the Showbox contents over again.


I hope, after updating your Showbox App with the latest version, there won’t be any issues like Showbox App not working error, Showbox Apk not updating, and server not available. Fixing out such an irritating issue is easier than you ever thought, right? For any further queries, the comment section is all yours.