FaceTime for PC Windows (7/8.1/10) Download to Make Video Calls Free!!

FaceTime for PC Windows (7/8.1/10) Download to Make Video Calls Free!!

Facetime for PC is an exclusive computer application that comes preinstalled in all Apple products, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or a MacBook. This video chatting application is the perfect way to enjoy uninterrupted video calling experience. This application of Apple that allows users to chat for long duration and that too with voice clarity and distinct picture quality was unveiled in 2010. Since then, this is a big hit among Apple users as this distinctive application is an exclusive privilege only for Apple users.

In this technological world, social networking has turned out to be a vital part of our daily lives. We want to be connected to our social circles and Facetime helps in maintaining these social connections. The only criterion is that there should be Apple users on both ends for Facetime to happen. Facetime App, which comes inbuilt for its users, has superb quality. Apart from quality, let’s see what the other fantastic features make this app such a massive hit that every Apple user vouches for it.

Facetime for PC Laptop Windows 7/8.1/10 Download:

Facetime for PC

Though there is a rising demand for getting this app released for Android users too, so far no such thing has happened. However, Android users have many other options similar to Facetime.

Does Facetime App Compatible with Windows?

No, We can’t use Facetime App on PC Windows OS, You can choose the best alternative to facetime App on your Windows desktop computers. I suggest you Skype is the best Alternative to Facetime for PC, Below are the steps to download Skype for PC Windows.

Skype is easily available for Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry, and for Windows and Apple smartphones and tablets. If you want to use Skype on your Windows device to video call your relatives or friends living far away from you, then you must go through the few simple steps given below.

Go to official Skype website

If in case this doesn’t work for you or you want another option you can simply search through your search engine. Go to Google or safari or any other search engine of your choice and type in ‘ Skype official’ or ‘Skype Download’

In the results, the first option you will see is the Skype page that you have to go to. Click to open the site. Here you will see options like Skype for Computers, mobiles, home phones, TV, tablets and more downloads for other devices.

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Features of Facetime App:


  • It is better in audio quality as compared to the normal mobile phone connection.
  • It has a very simple user interface, which makes it extremely user-friendly.
  • The ‘mute’ option lets the caller see you, though they cannot hear you and you can mute a call anytime on the go.
  • You also have the audio only option.
  • It is free to use and that makes it the preferred choice for international calls.
  • Besides being free, it also supports video calling in HD. This means you get the best quality.
  • In fact, it feels that you are sitting next to the person and chatting. So, we can say it gives real-time user experience of meeting family and friends.
  • No screen name or specific is required. You can search a person with their phone numbers or Apple id.
  • If you want to show the person at the other end what you are seeing, you can make use of rear camera while on Facetime.
  • It allows making a video conference, but then the data speed needs to be really good.


So, We all have known that Facetime App is one such application by Apple. And this is a tutorial on how to download Skype Video Calling app on your PC Computer or Laptop. If you face any issues while downloading Just Comment below.

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