How to Download and Install Kodi App for Android Device?

How to Download and Install Kodi App for Android Device?

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Kodi App is the popular open source free media streaming tool that is used widely to play audio, video and digital media files across all major formats, platforms, and codec. It lets you access and sorts all the locally stored media files. The Kodi App comes with add-ons that enable the users to stream and listen to a variety of media streams from online sites. Since it is an open source application, it is highly versatile and customizable video and audio streaming application today. Below you will come across with the steps on How to Install Kodi App on Android and make full use of it.

How to Install Kodi App on Your Android Device?

Kodi App

To make full use of Kodi App on your Android device, it is necessary for you to learn the steps to install it on your device. Kodi App is easily available on Google Play Store and hence you don’t have to get its APK from third-party source. But, if you want to make use of it along with ChromeCast to stream video using Kodi App, then below are the two steps that will help you to make it work for your ChromeCast.

Method One:

You need to download the Kodi App from Google Play Store along with LocalCast and other file manager like ES File Manager.

Now download the .xml file named Playercorefactory which you need to download from online sources

Launch the ES File Manager and go to its “Settings” and then scroll down to “Display Settings” and enable the “Show Hidden Files” and then go back to Downloads folders and copy the player core factory file

Go to “Android” and click on “Data”- org.xbmc.kodi-files-.kodi-user data folder and paste the copied file

Now you need to go back and launch the Kodi App and play and movie. Select the LocalCast as the app you want to use and choose “ChromeCast” from the list. The Kodi Video can be viewed on TV through Kodi-Chromecast App

Method Two:

Use the Screen Mirror feature of the Google Home App. Launch the hamburger menu and click on Cast Screen/Audio. Choose the Chromecast device and then the device interface and ensure it is now be mirrored on your TV

Launch the Kodi App and play video and now it will be played on both the screens

How to Use Kodi App?

Since you are now aware of the process how to install Kodi App, it is the time to know the setup process so as to make use of it besides downloading ant content. When you launch the Kodi App for the first time you will see the basic media player and at the left side there is the navigation bar and on the right corner of the home screen is the library which will show after it is set up. To find the setting menu you need to tap on the gear icon in the navigation menu. Below is the quick rundown of the setting options.

Player – This is the option that you need to use to customize the Kodi App player and its functioning. You can make variety of settings for music, video, DVD, pictures and Blu-Ray and accessibility

Media – From this option, you can setup how Kodi App handles and displays the media that are stored locally on the device. From thumbnails to sorting anything can be done through this option.

PVR and Live TV – This is the option where you can adjust the settings for watching Live TV or recording the videos.

Service – This is the settings that allow you to set and handle the services like web server, app control, weather services, AirPlay and UPnP/DLNA

Interface – This option lets you change the feel and look of the skin and also you can change the language settings of Kodi App, plus the setup of master lock, screensaver and more can be done here

Skin – This is the option from where you can apply general settings across all the areas of skin like activating auto-scrolling, use of slide animations, showing the weather info and more

System Info – This option lets you know the performance of CPU and memory usage and how the storage is available.

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